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Copyrights Disclaimer

Various content on this site is subject to copyright endorsed by Tajammal Hussain and/or its clients. Use of the copyrighted material is subject to the terms and conditions of use established by the Tajammal Hussain or the client in question. Please email me at tajammalhussain@live.com for more information regarding copyrights and sharing.

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Tajammal Hussain may include hyperlinks to third-party content, advertising or websites. You acknowledge and agree that Tajammal Hussain is not responsible for and does not endorse any advertising, products or websites.

Confidentiality Policy

Tajammal Hussain functions under a strict confidentiality policy. All designs and concepts presented to a client shall be used solely for their projects and will not be shared with other agencies or individuals. Similarly, all material provided to me by the client, shall be used solely for their projects and will not be shared with other agencies or individuals. All the projects are conducted through constant communication with clients. Below is the communication policy upon which all official interaction carried out by Tajammal Hussain is based.

Communication Policy

For client approvals and discussions Tajammal Hussain will prepare its media usage recommendations in the form of written proposals, doodles, artwork, etc{email}. Each new direction or decision taken will be confirmed via emails for a record to exist of the decision. On written approval from the client, I will proceed to plan actual production of material.

third-party policy

Tajammal Hussain does not take responsibility for the work managed by third party members, such as printers, etc. I provide clients with a CD/DVD/USB of the complete artwork for all print related projects, which can then be passed on to printers at the client's discretion. However, if the client does wish for me to handle printing, I will work with my own printers and provide their charges and timelines at the beginning of the project. I do not take any responsibility for their deadlines neither can I negotiate costs once production has begun. All communication with clients, shall be done in writing.